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Automatic document generation


Generate documents and integrate your data

lobodocuments is an innovative software product for the automatic generation of documents and data integration – flexible, high-performance and intuitive. With this solution you can create many different in the shortest time, you only once have to create the appropriate template.

Generate all types of documents with data from all sources in any desired output format. Integrated in SharePoint, SAP, MS Dynamics CRM, NAV, AX or any other system.

High-quality documents with dynamic table and diagrams, illustrations, bar-codes, text modules, conditions and calculations from any number of data sources.

Business users can design their own document templates. No programming necessary – template design in MS Office.


Advantages of document generation

  • Individual, high-quality documents in the current corporate design
  • Eliminate copy and paste errors
  • Enormous time savings
  • Quick changing of document templates – low educational effort
  • Data integration from existing systems
  • Generate and send documents automatically.
  • dox42 flexible extend with plugins.

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