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Your situation
You have a strongly growing database that must archived audit-proof. If your employees want to process search queries, they must often spend a lot of time looking for the desired information because the “storage locations” are not clearly defined.

The solution
With our document management interface it is possible to connect the ERP solutions Infor ERP LN, Infor ERP Baan 4 and 5 in record time and to make preconfigured documents such as order confirmations, delivery notes, invoices, freight papers and journals available in marketing and finance.

All documents that accompany the business process can be archived audit-proof directly out of the Infor ERP LN/Baan. This can be done transaction related or fully automatically.

Special features of the solution

  • Documents and printing lists can be archived directly from the ERP system.
  • During the archiving all the information that can be seen on the Infor ERP LN/Baan report can be handed over to the archive system with the document as an index.
  • Research queries to the archive system can be placed directly from the ERP system.
  • Via barcode the input documents can be assigned to the corresponding ERP transactions.

Using mandatory archiving the system – and not the user – controls the import of the documents into the archive. Thus user errors and the loss of documents can be avoided. System interventions in sessions and reports are no longer required.
Using individual parameterisation the documents can be given individual field information. Duplications can, if desired, be avoided. If this option is set, the system checks whether documents already exist and rejects these.

All printing requirements are covered, for example:

  • Forwarding to preview for a print decision
  • Forwarding to client print
  • Without parallel printing, exclusively archiving.

Example of application: Audit-proof archiving of outgoing document With the printing of Infor ERP LN/Baan outgoing documents (e.g. order confirmations, delivery slips, freight notes and outgoing invoices) these documents can be imported via the lobodms interface into the DMS environment. The listing and filing is done automatically during handover.
The simple retrieval of the originally created documents is possible at all times via user friendly masks and can be extended to the history of the documents affected. The direct query for the original document out of Infor ERP LN/Baan makes it possible for the employees to work in an application environment they are used to. As a result of the audit-proof archiving of the documents created, the duplication of the original documents is possible without any problems.

“Reproduction of original documents possible without any problems…”

The advantages
The high level of integration of the interface in the Infor ERP LN/Baan environment enables a return on investment in the shortest time. The interface can be addressed directly out of Infor ERP LN/Baan, without the user having to leave the familiar environment. Due to the seamless integration of the interface in the system the users can continue to work as usual without any additional training.

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