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SAP Archive Link interface


The SAP ArchiveLink™ interface is a communication interface between the application and external components (archiving system or desktop application) integrated in the SAP system basic components. The interface represents the connection of lobo to the SAP system.

With the high-performance, SAP certified middleware the customer can make his solution conform to SAP ArchiveLink™ and simply connect to the SAP world, without specific SAP knowledge being available. The SAP ArchiveLink Interface thus makes a quick and simple SAP integration possible.

Types of archiving supported:

  • ·Document archiving
  • ·Printing list archiving
  • ·Data archiving
  • · BC ILM 3.0
  • · Nearline Storage

Archiving scenarios supported:

  • ·Early archiving with and without metadata
  • ·Late archiving with barcode
  • · Simultaneous archiving
  • ·All types of incoming and outgoing documents
  • ·Storage of business documents
  • ·Storage of attachments
  • · SAP-KPRO-, SAP-DVS archive connection

Because SAP ArchiveLink™ contains a complex protocol, a middleware simplifies the connection to lobo. The middleware translates between SAP ArchiveLink™ and the lobo interface. From the ECM/archive view you are completely enclosed in the standard SAP ArchiveLink™ interface and the new WEBDAV interface (BC ILM 3.0).

lobo only needs to provide the functions for reading, writing and searching for archived objects. Via an easy to develop Java class or, on Windows based systems via a DLL, the framework is integrated into the target system.

  • SAP certified middleware for lobo
  • Completely implemented in Java
  • Libraries can run on every platform (prerequisite: Java VM > 1.5 available)
  • Multithreading capability
  • Multi-Instance capability
  • Compatible with the common web-servers (Tomcat, BEA, Oracle, Websphere, …)
  • Supports ArchiveLink™ and BC ILM 3.0


  • Lean architecture
  • Special SAP knowledge and dedicated SAP knowledge not required
  • Also supports the SAP certification of complete solutions
  • Extensions of the ArchiveLink™-Standards possible
  • Integration of lobodms in the SAP world

Added value
The interface between lobo and SAP ArchiveLink offers following benefits:

  • high-performance middleware
  • SAP certified
  • Connection to the SAP world
  • Supports all types of archiving and archiving scenarios

Additional modules
Migration4ArchiveLink is a software for the simple and controlled execution of data and document migration for SAP archives. Since the introduction of electronic archives document migrations have been needed, for example to change the storage system/medium or to replace the complete archive system.

ContentServer4Storage is a high- performance archive that was specially developed for the requirements of the SAP archiving. As a lean solution, it makes a legally compliant archiving of data, printing lists and documents via the SAP standard interface ArchiveLink™ and BC ILM possible.

Nailprint is a barcode solution for incoming document processes and solution, independent of lobodms, for increasing the efficiency in the incoming document area.

With the DocumentRouter a company can make documents from the most varied sources (Scan-, Fax-, E-Mail-, file systems, external output management or legacy systems) usable in SAP. Furthermore the DocumentRouter supports all SAP archiving scenarios, including early archiving and late archiving with barcode. It archives the documents in every archive system that conforms with ArchiveLink and installs the links to the SAP business objects.

The software can run of all Java conform hardware and operating system platforms, supports all SAP modules and can fill the SAP DVS (document management system) with documents from external sources.

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