Partner Portal How To

Request project protection

Note: Your Project protections are only visible/ to you and our partner management.

  1. open the Project protection site (
  2. If you would like to add a single project, click “Add New Project”-Button
  3. fill out the displayed form an click “Submit for Review”
  4. your request will be checked and approved by our partner management.You get a notification via email if your request was approved or declined

If you like to request Project protection for several projects, you can use the import function for this Task. Therefore click on “Import Projects”. Here you can upload your Project Details within a single CSV-File. You can dowload an example CSV-File in our download Portal:

Please note, if you imported your Project by a CSV-File, every single Project has to be submitted for approval via the  “Submit for Review”-Button. To do this, after your Import has finished, you can see all your imported Projects in the List, click on the Edit-Link to request approval for this current project.


Change a project protection


  1. Open the project protection list (
  2. Click the “Edit” link within the Corresponding row
  3. After you are done with your changes, click “Update”
  4. Your request will be checked for approval by our partner management

Export your Projects


Note: you can Display more columns, choose your columns via the “Column”-Button to fit your needs.

  1. Open the project protection list (
  2. Choose “Excel” or “PDF” filetype for export
  3. Your file will be presented for downloading

Configure project list columns


  1. Open the project protection list (
  2. Choose the “Columns”-Button on the left
  3. Choose your columns to fit your needs. Please note, your configuration will not be saved.