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The template management system for office templates
Which is now the current version of the fax template? Does the letter comply with the CI guidelines? Where on earth is the process instruction for the manufacturing process? A new letter – and every time entering the same data again and again? These and similar inefficient, time consuming actions can be put to an end immediately. This intelligent template management simplifies the organisation of company specific templates, minimises the time for searching, ensures an automatic access to the respective most current version and assures a consistent corporate appearance internally and externally.

Dynamic contents without programming
lobo offers the administrator the possibilities of integrating dynamic contents and fields in the document template – completely without programming. The templates can, for example, be given variables based on the user-profile or the user location,in the simplest possible way. For this the integrated interface Microsoft ActiveDirectory can be connected optionally to provide field contents.

VBA free templates (Visual Basic for Applications), no programming for dynamic contents, no Office VBA know-how required for creating and maintaining templates, time and cost savings when creating and maintaining text modules for page footers.

Quick and central maintenance of templates
No flood of different template versions! With a systematic template management you can centrally control the inclusion of new or the maintenance of existing templates. Thereby all employees, no matter in which branch office or location, immediately only have access to the corresponding latest document and form template.

Conform email signature
With our solution you are automatically provided with a company specific email signature for Microsoft Outlook. The company specifications for the email signature are adhered to, because here, changes are made and forwarded centrally by the administrator Thereby all formats (html, rtf, txt) are taken into consideration. Individual signatures can be defined and, for example, be assigned to company business areas.

Automatic data comparison for mobile systems
This solution is especially suitable for mobile users and external employees. For example, as long as a field representative is logged into the corporate network, the document templates are updated automatically.

Efficient and structured access to templates
Simply arrange your documents and templates according to business or functional areas, departments, categories etc. If required, the employee can control the accesses and signatures via profiles, so that he receives the exact template selection and the fields filled in, that are relevant for his current role (e.g. if secretarial functions represent several functional areas and require different signatures).

Multi-language capability for global template management
Document and front-end language can be set separately. Templates can easily be made capable of multiple languages – simply translate the text into any language and integrate it. Mo developer know-how is required.

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