Crédit Agricole Serbia decided to rely on the document management solution lobodms from DM Dokumenten Management GmbH for all its 80 bank branches in Serbian to centrally organise and safely and efficiently archive their documents generated from multiple software applications.

lobodms extends the documents with additional properties called metadata, which makes it easy to find all information’s within all the linked branches. Everything is stored and controlled by lobodms on two servers. Together with a journalizing mechanism, and mirroring of archives on the servers lobodms provides the highest possible level of safety for the information of Crédit Agricole Serbia.

lobodms introduced a cost-effective concept called proxy server concept to counteract against the impact of the large data structure flow in Crédit Agricole Serbia. With the proxy server concept every branch has its own local server that functions as a bridge for access to all the information, if there is a delayed archiving to the headquarter.

The advanced rights system of lobodms increases the security of document handling. It fine tunes who, under which circumstances, is authorised to view documents and make changes on the document and a transformation mechanism “freezes” a document when sent from the bank.

Most of the many software applications are integrated into lobodms environment by using the powerful lobodms API to centralise the management of documents and provide unique security: Now documents are accessible from lobodms, or any other of the applications like SharePoint etc.

With the loboflow workflow Crédit Agricole Serbia can control complex processing very precisely. The data about each stage of the process is recorded, so lobodms guarantees consistent traceability as well as security because only authorised users can see the active status of a workflow. Yet to the end user only the information required is presented.


About Crédit Agricole Serbia

Crédit Agricole Serbia is a bank 100% owned by the leading global financial group – Crédit Agricole Group. The Bank operates through a widespread network of 80 branches in all major cities in Serbia, with the purpose of improving its network in the future.

Highest quality service

Quality certificate ISO 9001 in the area of banking services, the use of the latest information technologies, principal membership in MasterCard International, and VISA International, as well as in the national DinaCard association, are only some of the hallmarks of Crédit Agricole Serbia. Over 1000 highly specialized employees ensure the best quality of banking services to the customers in Serbia.

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