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lobosearch represents a modular extendable solution and gives the user intelligent support in the search and find process. The lobosearch basic module includes a user friendly and high-performance full-text search with an auto-complete function for the search query, typo correction, “Did you mean?” suggestions, hit highlighting, duplicates recognition and the full spectrum of the Boolean search. Via the connector to many systems as well as the crawler the available data set is connected. Authorisation information from existing authentification systems are taken into consideration to make a personalised search within the corporate environment possible.

Over the last few years the growth of the data volume and its manageability were in the foreground for companies. However, with the increase in data volume new additional challenges arise. On the one hand, the massive increase of data to be handled, and on the other hand, the availability or relevant information for employees.

In order to make future and business oriented decisions, companies have to rely on historical information. This is often classified as critical or uncritical for the company and evaluated as such. A further challenge exists in the identification and consolidation of company relevant information, in order to subsequently establish a targeted evaluation.

The lobosearch enterprise information solution indicates structured and unstructured information from company-wide data sources and is thus the central point of contact for searching and finding relevant information.
The user-friendly interface and the clear display of the hit-list intelligently support the search query. The preview function enables the user an insight
into the document being looked for without having installed the appropriate application on the computer.


  • Saved searches Saving complex and recurring search queries in order execute them again at a later date with a time saving mouse click.
  • Fully automated set-up: makes new installations possible in the shortest time, includes the installation of missing system components (e.g. JAVA, Apache Tomcat, SQL Server) and the possibility of establishing an index and starting the indexing within the scope of the installation.
  • User friendly search interface: due to a structured arrangement of the search options (e.g. filter possibilities) and clear displaying of the hits (e.g. tabular display, displaying of the links “find duplicate” only in the event that duplicates actually are found)
  • Improved preview: by thumbnail displays in the hit list, knowledge map and favourites overview and coloured highlighting of the found locations in the individual hit documents contribute to the clear arrangement for the user and simplifies the navigation to the individual found locations.
  • … and much more!

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