In cooperation with Microsoft Serbia our subsidiary in Kragujevac, Serbia organized a common IT event that was aimed at potential customers. To them existing as well as new technological concepts and business solutions were presented. With this platform the possibility of exchanging ideas and experience was offered to the participants. Our partner company IIB also presented their latest solutions to the audience.

The main topic of this event was how to manage structured and unstructured data in terms of business processes. To the participants the solution for document management, lobodms, and and its business use was demonstrated.

The new product of the company, loboTalk, used for business process management, which enables the creation, configuration and monitoring of business processes was as well shown. The main objective is to automate business processes in aim of executing defined conditions and tasks. It has a flexible plugin system that allows integration with any other system applications. loboTalk can be used to automate business processes whose activities can be executed in applications outside of a document management system (business or other external applications, IIB UPIS).

In a case study the benefits of applying new solutions to general business processes were explained. Besides that, the integration of lobodms, loboTalk and an ERP (i.e. IIB UPIS) application on data and processes level were also shown.